Online bookings

Prebook Your Stay - for convenience  & 10% better price

STEP 1-2-3-4-5
1) Prebook for the best price. 2) Bring your Voucher Code. 3) Check in at the reception. 4) Pick your spot. 5) Display your sticker on tent / vehicle.

NOTE: Our Campsite is large and has capacity of up to 40 sites with hardened ground and grass section for cars in need of electricity.  Also there are more than 70 non grassed sites for campers and motorhomes that do not need electricity. Upper site has room for at least 500 tents on different grass fields with limited parking (no parking on the grass).  

  • Individuals/families/groups travelling with Tents: We recommend you to prebook. We guarantee you that there is always room for more Tents. We do not reserve a spot. 
  • Inviduals/families/groups travelling in Campers: Feel free to prebook. We do not reserve a Camper spot and we can not guarantee availability. We recommend to arrive early.  
  • Individuals/families in Motorhomes & Caravans needing access to electricity:  Feel free to prebook. We do not reserve a spot. Site with electricity is upon availability.  We recommend to arrive early. 
  • Groups travelling in Motorhomes & Caravans needing access to electricity: Feel free to prebook  We do not reserve a spot.  No guarantee for a secure spot. We recommend to arrive early. 
Cancellation and general policies

Our online prices are 10% lower than at the desk.
The bookings made online are non-refundable.
You cannot make changes online. If you need to change dates, please email
Campsite rentals are limited to 7 nights.
Reservations for campsites can be made up to 12 months before the desired arrival date.
You must be at least 18yo to reserve and if under 18, there must be someone over 18 in the group you stay with.